BIOGEA National Roundtable in Sofia, Bulgaria: project results and policy recommendations

Event date: 
13 February 2020

The BIOGEA national roundtable in Sofia, Bulgaria, took place at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) on February 13th, 2020, 14:00-17:00. 

The roundtable gathered various representatives of the stakeholders at the national level, including agricultural and environmental institutions and organizations, scientific institutes, universities, and NGOs. 

The aim of the event was to present the main findings and discuss with the national stakeholders the policy recommendations developed within the project. 

The main results from the policy and biological fieldwork were presented by Dr. Yanka Kazakova-Mateva from UNWE. Dr. Kazakova explained that the Green and Blue infrastructure (GBI) in the agricultural landscape is beneficial for biodiversity in all land-use types. Nevertheless, their efficiency varies between the different regions and production systems and there are no universally efficient GBI elements for the whole of Europe. Regarding the application of the Greening Scheme in the three project countries, Dr. Kazakova stressed that better communication with farmers is needed in order to explain to them the benefits and advantages of applying the different "greening" options, as well as introducing monitoring of the implementation of the Greening Scheme in future. A thorough discussion followed on how the future CAP and its measures could be designed so that they guarantee the management of a more sustainable GBI, resulting in higher biodiversity rather than meeting specific requirements. 

The tools for farmers and agricultural advisors developed under the BIOGEA project were presented by Assoc. Prof. Mariya Peneva from UNWE. The tools include videos, guidance and leaflets, aimed at supporting farmers for better understanding and protection of the GBI elements in their land.