Case Studies

Spain bulgaria germany

The assessment framework was implemented in case study areas covering a range of agricultural systems represented by paired sites in each of the three Member States (Germany, Spain and Bulgaria). They cover areas with better and worse GBI connections (more extensive and intensive systems). In addition, the three countries have been chosen to represent different biogeographic conditions and political systems including federal and centralised governments and older and newer EU member States.

GBI features were examined in the case study areas through field work to assess the baseline and examine how GBI features have been affected by policy-driven changes to land use and what the impacts are on key species or species groups representing biodiversity and other ecosystem services. The approach taken in each area depends to some extent on the availability of already-existing baseline information. The data collected through the project is complimented by the use of large existing databases on species distributions and habitats as well as landscape feature maps to expand the results beyond the particular area under consideration.

In addition, interviews and surveys were carried out in the case study areas. The PRDN were engaged to ensure that the research as well as the suggestions for advisory materials and policy recommendations are informed by stakeholder input in each area.

Case study reports summarizing all this information can be accessed through the map above at the relevant case study sub-page.