Developments and Challenges in Implementing EAFRD in 2014-2020 and Beyond

Event date: 
19 April 2018

The Implementation of EAFRD 2014-2020 Bares Demanding Challenges In 2018, EU funds authorities are clearly focusing on the implementation of 2014-2020 measures. The currently discussed Omnibus Regulation will have a huge impact on EAFRD and the ongoing simplification and reform process. The use of Simplified Cost Options will be extended and procedures of checks and controls are further simplified. But does the work of EAFRD managers truly become easier? What are practices with the new rules? In the ongoing every-day work, public sector officials need to make sure that they are not funding fraudulent practices. As time is limited and pressure is high checks need to be efficient and effective. And how to deal with the new performance framework?

The event will take place in Berlin with experts from:

  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Head of Managing Authority of Rural Development Programme for England, United Kingdom 
  • European Court of Auditors, Chamber 1 – Sustainable Use of Natural Resources, Auditor
  • Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Rural Development Programme for England, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, United Kingdom 
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Head of Department for Competitiveness in Agriculture, Food-Processing and Forestry, Slovenia
  • AgrarMarkt Austria, Paying Agency, Internal Audit Service, Austria
  • Welsh Government, Head of Rural Programmes Unit, United Kingdom

Topics that will be covered at the seminar:

  • What are the (new) requirements of the European Commission regarding the management and control of EAFRD 2014-2020?
  • How to conduct efficient & effective on-the-spot checks & administrative checks
  • How to verify the viability of a project
  • How to make sure, that checks are reliable and projects follow rules of eligibility
  • What are the key findings of the European Court of Auditors in Rural Development
  • How to prepare for audits of the European Institutions
  • How to deal with the Performance Framework in 2018
  • How to meet milestones by end 2018 and fulfil the performance framework
  • How to modify a rural development programme
  • How to Implement Simplified Cost Options in Rural Development
  • How to choose the right SCO
  • How to calculate Cost Options and minimise uncertainty on calculation methods
  • How to conduct efficient anti-fraud measures
  • How to detect fraud in rural development – Working with practical cases
  • How can EAFRD authorities simplify their procedures further
  • Best practices on implementation of EAFRD 2014-2020

Program and further information: