Focus group at COPA COGECA Working Party on the Environment, Brussels

Event date: 
21 November 2017

Focus group on CAP greening and Green and Blue Infrastructure carried out with the input of COPA COGECA members.

In autumn 2017, the BIOGEA project organised two focus groups which were integrated into events organised by key EU-level stakeholders bringing their national members together. The aim was to gather input for the next steps of the project, in particular, the national level policy evaluations and case study implementation overview; examine the gaps in research which the project could help to fill and to raise awareness about the project and make contacts for the other WPs.

The following questions were addressed:

1. Main question: How are the CAP greening measures relevant to GBI and national GI Strategies?

  • How do the choices of the MS on greening impact GBI?
  • How does the national GI Strategy (if it exists) include agriculture / CAP measures?
  • What greening / EFA are of greatest importance for GBI?

2. Main question: What are the incentives for farmers for choosing particular greening measures?

  • What are the most important influencers for farmers’ decisions?
  • Have these changed over time with adaptations to greening?
  • How can advisory services contribute to providing GBI including the connectivity of elements?
  • Is there more opportunity for farmers to work together on greening?