BIOGEA Deliverables

The Data Management Plan (DMP) of BIOGEA project describes how data is handled. There are various data types in the project and the BIOGEA DMP includes description of the data to be collected/created; methodologies for data collection and management; plans for data sharing and access; strategy for long-term data management; ethics and other considerations. 


Deliverable D2b presents:

  • EU policy overview - identifying the GBI aims
  • Identifying the GBI features included in policy
  • Refining the findings to identify critical aspects for the different governance levels
  • Conclusions and next steps

This document presents a common framework for BIOGEA, to assess and evaluate the impacts of changes to the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Green and Blue Infrastructure (GBI) in the agricultural landscape and how the presence, quality and management of GBI influences biodiversity and the provision of ecosystem services (ES). The BIOGEA Assessment Framework can be regarded as a living document which will be refined and developed as the project ideas are tested through the case studies and following feedback from PRDN.

The communication, dissemination and exploitation (outreach) plan describes the process of engaging with stakeholders throughout the project and disseminating the project results to the identified end users directly and by means of identified multipliers (such as specialised press and websites). It contains detailed information about the management, goals and objectives, selection of audience with the appropriate message and medium. It will be updated on a regular basis throughout the project.

BIOGEA Briefings

Policy briefings produced as part of the BIOGEA project.

Marsden, K., M. Jay & Y. Kazakova

This briefing describes what Green and Blue Infrastructures (GBI) is and its importance for reaching EU environmental policy goals. It gives a brief overview of the GBI features which exist in the agricultural landscape and of current knowledge on the impact of the CAP “greening” on GBI.


Marsden, K., M. Jay, Kazakova-Mateva, Y., Stefanova, V.

In this issue of the briefing:

  • the CAP Greening and Environmental Focus Areas (EFAs) relation to GBI 
  • reasons for consideration of changes to CAP Greening
  • what changes were made and how
  • likely impacts on GBI 
  • topics of further exploration 

BIOGEA Publications

M. Díaz, M. & E. Concepción

This paper proposes a framework for the evaluation and design of policy tools for a more effective conservation of farmland biodiversity. The paper, considered a contribution to BIOGEA was based on the findings of research relevant to WP 2 and 4 of the BIOGEA project.

BIOGEA Communication materials



BIOGEA – Testing BIOdiversity Gain of European Agricutlure with CAP Greening

The project description is part of the presentation of the 2015-16 COFUND call for BiodivERsA. Read more at: