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This briefing compares the findings from the six BIOGEA case study areas to examine how the greening of pillar 1 of the CAP, a policy designed to be applicable across the whole of the EU, has been implemented differently and had variable impacts in different farming systems. This has relevance for ongoing discussions on the future of the CAP.

The BIOGEA project looked at the relationship between the different aspects of landscape complexity provided by GBI and their biodiversity benefits. Most GBI elements showed potential to support biodiversity. However, their effectiveness varies significantly among study sites and farming systems. Nonetheless, some general conclusions on their impacts can be drawn. 


Marsden, K., Piskol, K., Hölzl, S., Brandt, K., Peneva, M., Kazakova, Y.

This briefing examines how farmers have received environmental advice on how to implement CAP Greening measures and the potential impacts on GBI in the agricultural landscape.


Marsden, K., Jay, M.

The European Commission’s proposals for the CAP 2021 were published on 1 June 2018. The two main novelties in the proposals addressed by the briefing are the replacement of “greening” with “eco-schemes” and an “advanced environmental conditionality” and the increased flexibility given to member states in implementing the CAP. The BIOGEA briefing on the topic describes how these changes may affect the presence and condition of Green and Blue Infrastructures (GBI) in agricultural landscapes.

Marsden, K., Jay, M., Kazakova-Mateva, Y., Stefanova, V.

In this issue of the briefing:

  • the CAP Greening and Environmental Focus Areas (EFAs) relation to GBI 
  • reasons for consideration of changes to CAP Greening
  • what changes were made and how
  • likely impacts on GBI 
  • topics of further exploration 

Marsden, K., Jay, M., Kazakova-Mateva, Y.

This briefing describes what Green and Blue Infrastructures (GBI) is and its importance for reaching EU environmental policy goals. It gives a brief overview of the GBI features which exist in the agricultural landscape and of current knowledge on the impact of the CAP “greening” on GBI.