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Concepción, E.D., Kazakova, Y., Stefanova, V., Marsden, K. & Díaz, M. (2020)

Poster presentation at the World Biodiversity Forum 2020. Davos (Switzerland), 23th – 28th February 2020.


Concepción, E.D., Aneva, I., Jay, M., Lukanov, S., Marsden, K., Moreno, G., Oppermann, R., Pardo, A., Piskol, S., Rolo, V., Schraml, A., Díaz, M. (2019)


Aneva, I., Zhelev, P., Lukanov, S., Peneva, M. (2019)

This poster, presented at the X International Agriculture Symposium "AGROSYM 2019", summarizes the results of a two-year assessment of plant diversity in different types of agricultural and forestry territories.

Concepción, E.D. & Díaz, M. (2019) (preprint attached)

Science of the Total Environment 694: 133618.

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Marsden, K., Jay, M. (2018)

This paper, presented at the Agricultural and Food Policy: Trajectories and Reforms Conference, summarises some of the results of WP 2 of the BIOGEA project, examining the impacts of the CAP on agricultural policy.


Dyulgerova, S.,, Aneva, I., Lukanov, S. (2019)

This poster, presented at the 18th International Conference "Life Sciences for Sustainable Development", studies the relationship between bird communities and landscape composition in areas along agricultural intensification gradient in Bulgaria, and uses it as an indicator of the state and quality of local agro ecosystems.

Popgeorgiev, G., Lukanov, S., Slavchev, M., Kornilev, Y., Andonov, K., Natchev, N. (2019)

This poster, presented at the Joint ESENIAS and DIAS Scientific Conference, examines the distribution and breeding of the invasive Pond Slider (Trachemys scripta) in Bulgaria and the influence of agricultural infrastructure on its distribution and breeding in the wild. 

Aneva, I., Zhelev, P., Topchieva, M. (2018)

The paper presents results of a comparative study on the habitat diversity and its relationships with agriculture in two regions of Bulgaria – Western Balkan range and the Pazardzhik-Plovdiv region.

Aneva, I., Kozuharova, E., Zhelev, P., Lukanov, S., Peneva, M. (2019)

The study assesses the diversity of medicinal plants in the agricultural fields and their peripheral parts in the region of Pazardzhik-Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Different types of land-use were included in the study ranging from cereal crops (the predominant type) through horticultural fields to dirt roads.