Scientific publications



Aneva, I., Kozuharova, E., Zhelev, P., Lukanov, S., Peneva, M. (2019)

The study assesses the diversity of medicinal plants in the agricultural fields and their peripheral parts in the region of Pazardzhik-Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Different types of land-use were included in the study ranging from cereal crops (the predominant type) through horticultural fields to dirt roads.

Kazakova-Mateva, Y. (2017)

The paper assesses the effects of the support provided to areas with natural constraints in the framework of the measure under the Rural Development Programmes in Bulgaria since 2007.


Peneva, M. (2017)

The paper presents and assesses the causal connections between ecosystem services provided by agricultural production and their contribution to the territorial competitiveness.


Díaz, M., Concepción, E.

This paper proposes a framework for the evaluation and design of policy tools for a more effective conservation of farmland biodiversity. The paper, considered a contribution to BIOGEA was based on the findings of research relevant to WP 2 and 4 of the BIOGEA project.