Participatory and Research Development Network (PRDN)

The development and implementation of political instruments, guidance for advisors and tools for farmers have been supported through the involvement of a 'Participatory Research and Development Network' (PRDN). A series of workshops, round tables, local learning laboratories, and a final conference have facilitated the contribution of a variety of stakeholders to the project and have helped to promote its results.

Tools used for stakeholder engagement


The PRDN is not a single body that meets to discuss the project. Instead has built up groups of interested stakeholders on the EU level,  on the national/regional level (depending on the member state and how many decisions are reached on a national as compared to regional level) and in each of the case study areas. These groupings have been linked by the BIOGEA researchers and their interaction with one another.

Stakeholders’ engagement in BIOGEA project is a multi-level process involving a diversity of stakeholders in the different stages of project planning and implementation.

During the project planning phase, we developed the following diagram that presented the main groups of stakeholders and the levels at which we would expect to interact with them. Furthermore, we developed an initial list of stakeholders that we would have liked to engage during project implementation. 

Idealised network of stakeholders connected through the project

The interaction and involvement of BIOGEA stakeholders during the implementation of the working packages varied depending on the aim of interaction and (time) availability of stakeholders. Various communication formats were used: 

  • Bilateral meetings
  • Group meetings
  • Local, regional and national workshops
  • Focus groups
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • Telephone contacts
  • Participation in stakeholders’ events
  • Project presentations at stakeholders’ events
  • Presentation of project results at policy events
  • Presentation of project results at scientific events
  • Discussions and ideas exchange

An overview of the interviewed farmers and stakeholders that took place within Work Package 3 is presented below:



The principles for engagement with the PRDN are described in more detail in the project Outreach Plan (D1c).