Participatory and Research Development Network (PRDN)

The development and implementation of political instruments, guidance for advisors and tools for farmers will be supported through the involvement of a 'Participatory Research and Development Network' (PRDN). A series of workshops, round tables, local learning laboratories and a final conference will facilitate the contribution of a variety of stakeholders to the project and help promote its results.

Tools used for stakeholder engagement

The PRDN will not be a single body which meets to discuss the project. Instead what is intended is to build up groups of interested stakeholders on the EU level,  on the national / regional level (this may depend on the member state and how many decisions are reached on a national as compared to regional level) and in each of the case study areas. These groupings will be linked by the BIOGEA researchers and their interaction with one another.

Idealised network of stakeholders connected through the project

The principles for engagement with the PRDN are described in more detail in the project Outreach Plan (D1c).