Tools and training

The BIOGEA project aims to develop tools for farmers that will be available to farmers and their advisers to assist them in the maintenance of green and blue infrastructure (GBI). The development of tools was carried out in three steps:

  1. To understand the needs for new tools, a detailed analysis of the current situation on tools available in Bulgaria, Germany and Spain where the case study areas are located was carried out. The overview of existing tools can be viewed here.
  2. Structured interviews with farmers and advising stakeholders to find out their motivations and concerns regarding GBI as well as preferences and offer of advisory formats took place.
  3. Based on the above analysis, tools were developed and tested together with farmers.

The tool analysis showed, that farmers and consultants in Spain and Germany have access to a range of tools to enhance biodiversity and implement greening measures whereas the number of tools available to farmers and advisers in Bulgaria is significantly lower and these focus on the financial aspects for the greening measures.


In Germany many guidelines already exist to assist farmers in choices on implementing environmental measures. On the other hand, farmers indicated in the interviews that they would appreciate more one to one contact with advisors and exchange with peers. For this reason, a workshop was designed with the specific purpose of provide more information on the benefits provided by GBI and options to increase GBI in the farmed landscape. The idea is that this can be adapted and used as a tool by advisors wishing to encourage uptake of GBI by farmers.

Report describing organisation of the workshop and lessons learned


  • Landscape elements and GBI as a solution for biodiversity loss? (presentation_1.ppt)
  • Cooperative approaches in GBI and linking biotopes (presentation_2.ppt)
  • Barriers to the implementation of measures supporting GBI on farmland


In Spain the situation is similar to Germany, so the workshop above would also be appropriate to apply in the Spanish context.


In Bulgaria there are fewer materials for farmers and advisors. The project team therefore used their knowledge of the different types of tool available to adapt and create a range of tools for the Bulgarian context: educational videos and handbook on GBI.