Work packages

The overall structure of the work plan comprises six work packages, including one dedicated to project management and communication. The PRDN should ensure that each WP is developed together with stakeholders.​


WP 1 lead: adelphi
Timeframe: over the course of the project

WP 1 is carried out over the course of the entire project. It includes establishing the project management structure and maintaining it over the course of the project, managing the interaction with the BiodivERsA secretariat, reporting, sharing information and managing meetings. It also includes the external communication and management of the PRDN.


WP 2 lead: adelphi
Timeframe: first year of the project (2017)

WP 2 includes the establishment of the project assessment framework which will be used to link the policy analysis to the fieldwork and modelling carried out in the case studies. As part of the assessment framework, EU-level policies and their coherence with one another are analysed. This is used to inform a further analysis of policy in each of the case study countries. The PRDN will be involved in informing the project team’s work and giving feedback on the policy assessment.


WP 3 lead: UNEX
Timeframe: 2017-2018

WP 3 involves coordinating the work in the case study areas. In each of the areas, field work will be carried out to monitor key indicators for green and blue infrastructure. This will be combined with already existing data to compare the current situation with the baseline. It also includes reviewing policy implementation at the local level. The PRDN will contribute with responses to surveys and interviews with stakeholders.


WP 4 lead: CSIC
Timeframe: late 2017-2019

WP 4 involves modelling to examine the potential impacts on biodiversity (and ES) of the potential changes in land use identified through WP 2-3. Models will be based on empirical data on biodiversity and habitat features from available databases and additional field surveys carried out through WP 3 in the case study regions. Biodiversity, including relevant functional groups according to the ES they provide, will be targeted.


WP 5 lead: UNWE
Timeframe: 2017-2019

WP 5 involves distilling the policy-relevant messages from WP 3 and 4 and checking them with the experience of the PRDN. Policy recommendations will be produced to feed into the relevant national and EU-level policy processes including the CAP reform. The project will produce regular policy briefings and maintain a policy recommendations tool.


WP 6 lead: UNWE
Timeframe: late 2018-2019

WP 6 involves the development of practical recommendations for advisors and farmers. The project team will work with farmers in local learning labs in each of the case study areas to establish tools for the management of GBI. Advisors will also be engaged to bring information together in a knowledge platform for agricultural advisors.